Structural Steel

The benefits of building with structural steel over wood or composite material can’t be ignored.

It’s lightweight and strong allowing architects a great deal of freedom in design possibilities including long open spaces free of load bearing columns suitable in both residential and commercial buildings. It retains its impressive strength to weight ratio when molded into different shapes like sheets or wires providing even more flexibility for custom design. Structural steel allows for easier expansion of your space if needed after the initial build is complete. Durability can’t be overstated. Non-combustible, resistant to heat and high winds, resistant to moisture since steel doesn’t rot, and insect proof leading to a long life for your building with minimal maintenance. Though no building can claim to be completely hurricane or tornado proof, buildings using structural steel have been shown to withstand winds up to 170mph. Structural steel is also good for the environment. 100% of it is recyclable and it never loses any of its notable properties no matter how many times it is reformed. Approximately 90% recycled material is used in the production of steel in modern mills. At Cool River Steel, we can fabricate structural steel with precision.

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